How We Adapt, Not Deceive

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Have you ever wondered if you are who you think you are? Those weird little seeds of self-doubt sprout in your mind as unwanted weeds. Automatic adaption to our surroundings, various social groups and individuals is a human trait we all do subconsciously and always have done.

Yet people like myself with the wrongly taboo and judged Borderline Personality Disorder has long-standing paranoia when relating to people and their environment. Do they believe me? being the biggest social hurdle. BPD is not the only psychological condition affected I imagine, many mental health problems creates a feeling of social awkwardness due to people reading stark criteria and factors that are presented. Hoards of websites with dubious research and I personally find Quora and YouTube a minefield of unhelpful and insulting “facts”. Urgh.

I recently stepped back and studied my reactions to people on different…

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