Daily Dose for the Mind

Be Inspired..!!

When we are joyful, our heart opens up to new things. When we are in a bad mood, we can’t be open to new things, no matter how wonderful they are. Without joy in our heart, our progress in life is slow and uninteresting. Those who work in a playful, relaxed manner tend to work efficiently and creatively. Those who work nonstop, driven only by stress, work without joy. To keep doing your work for a long time, do not treat it as just work. View it as a source of enjoyment and growth. The road to happiness lies not just in finding a good job, but also in learning to enjoy what you are asked to do. Do you feel unsettled or depressed? Then look at a child’s sleeping face for one minute. You will soon feel ripples of peace.

A family takes a walk amid fallen autumn leaves…

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