If I could turn back time, I would.

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If I could turn back time, I would…..

I called beautiful Brigitte at 3 am and I awoke her up in Böblingen in the early Fall of 1981, Germany. She answered with a gentle and sweet voice. Hello dearest Johnnie. Are you remembering me tonight? I told her. I was reading your letters tonight and I need you near. Do you miss me, like I miss you?

Brigitte held silence for a minute and she whispered. Come back to me in Germany. I have a apartment near the lake in Böblingen. I have a large bathtub and I need you to wash my hair and read poetry to me. The tub is large and you can join me now. The great ocean isn’t what is separating us. You must be brave, cross the sea and I would keep you warm and safe.
I told her. You saved me so often and I owe…

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Drink of me my dear lover…


Drink of me my dear lover

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"A re-write"

Drink of me my dear lover

A Story by Coyote Poetry

“More Texas story.”

                               Drink of me my dear lover….

I loved the Austin Texas nights. Alive and vibrant with people and good sound. I roamed to her every weekend for five years. The old city was my mistress and the good drink was my elixir to make me feel alive and write. I carried my Dryden and Hemingway books to read in the day. I wrote notes and poetry near the Austin city river all day.

I went to the Austin Poetry reading near the downtown area in the Summer of 1996. I was told no open spots to read. I could be a back-up. Many forget and when there are up, we need a person to stand in. I told the pretty blond hair…

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Beautiful Ilse Delange songs and some words.


Can’t cry no-more. Pretty memories had turn black. The prettiest gal in my world left my world and the saddest man on the block. He learn too late. He had love near, he had everything kind and sweet. And he watched her walk away.

She is my miracle, she is a hurricane of emotions. In her eyes, I can see forever, I can accomplish anything. She is my midnight dance partner and my 3 am storyteller. I love our 6 am coffee time and her morning jokes. She make sleeping man believe life is okay and love is real. She is a blessing and my sweetest days are, when her hand is in my hand and she whispered to me. I love you so. I tell her. I love you more.


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Flowers, ice-cream and magic…

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Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Apart from the simple act that I was still here to register it and groan, the day did not start well. Pain woke me… another one of those vicious circles where, if I get a good night’s sleep, I have moved too little to ease the pain overnight and wake desperate for relief. The next few hours are spent trying to get comfortable and throwing all the pain meds possible at my body. It is unfortunate, but the alternative is even less attractive and would let me get even less work done.

There comes a point, most days, when you wonder if it is worth it. When you ask yourself whether just laying down and going to sleep for good would not be a better option. I can no longer walk properly unaided. Have just restricted vision in one eye, no energy and am unable to fend for myself. Physically…

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LTPP #39 – And Still, I Stand

Relax, It's all Write

Welcome toLynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt!

The creative goal:What does the picture (my cover, taken by Lynn) evoke?What emotion, feeling, memory or whatever it may be – what does it arouse in YOU?

Please visit the link for the original challenge, https://justabitfurther.wordpress.com/2021/03/09/lynns-tuesday-picture-prompt-week-39/

My Submission 🙂

Sheets of rain pelted me. But, here I stand.

Heavy snow dumped upon my head. But, here I stand.

Gigantic waves crashed against my face, attempting to knock me off my feet. But, here I stand.

Although I appear rickety, I have faced many storms.

And still,

I stand.

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