Never more, evermore or nothing more…


 Never more, evermore or nothing more….

She told me, please take of the mask. You may not like what you see. You have learned to love the darkness, please look closer, look closer till you can bleed again.

Dropping to my knees, I saw her nude, bare and free and I loved her fiery gaze upon my face. I loved the scent of her skin, lavender was the scent of her pale and tender body. I told her. Few, we allow to unfold our skin, curtains and solitude we desire over the light of uncertainness. I can not love, I have never loved my dear lady.

She smiled and she whispered, the misfortune of a life swimming in upheaval, a illusion of standing alone. We believe in whiskey dreams and the crimson lights. We ain’t done till we belong to the soil. She sang a rhythm to me.

“Never more…

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