The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – March 8

Jo Hawk


This weekend between running errands, doing laundry, and the ever-present house cleaning chores, I eked out four solid hours of brainstorming work on my new WIP. I find spending more than about an hour per session sees diminishing returns. At the forty-five-minute mark, my handwriting stamina peaks. Then my hand cramps, and my bottom sprouts roots into the seat cushion. My brain is steamrolling ahead, and it takes an additional fifteen minutes to reach the end of the dictation. By that point, my fingers are stiff, one of my legs has fallen asleep, and I need to move before my face freezes in the silly contorted expression I consider a mandatory tool in these situations.

So far, I have eight and a half large yellow pages filled, a cast list of twenty-six and counting, and a boatload of storyline yet to write into existence from the depths of my overactive…

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