The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – March 7

Jo Hawk


Saturdays, almost always end up being errand days. I plot my route, maximize right-hand turns (they are more efficient), and coordinate and double-check my list against my planner.  First stop, coffee. This morning, the migraine has de-escalated to the roar of a speeding locomotive inside my head. Better make that coffee a Venti, please. Next door, at the UPS Store, I collect my print request, mail a package, let them scan an Amazon return, and check my mailbox. Empty. Phew. A short ride down the road, I drop my library books and pick up this week’s holds before heading to the pharmacy for a prescription.

I crossed off the simple stuff, and the last item is the grocery shopping. Oh, how I hate grocery shopping. They reorganized the store, creating utter confusion, and I can’t find anything. I am forced to trudge up and down every aisle. It is some…

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