Bluejean Songster

All those other women, all those other nights

All those times they had all those awful fights

And yet she would be happier still

To give up and surrender her will

If only she thought the lie was the truth

Like she used to, back in her youth

But not any more, and so alas –

She could never quite surpass

Never wholly overcome

The pain was gone, but she was numb

There was that evil glint in his eyes

Peeking out through his disguise

Clever he was and clever he is

But she was never really his

And he never really belonged to her

And things remained as they always were

The pain is gone, but she is numb

You can see what she’s become

Walking around inside her head

Only half alive and sort of dead

She has no passion and nothing thrills her

And in the end…

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