The Piano

Charmed Chaos

Photography by Romain Thiery 
(Abandoned in an old forgotten villa in France)

Melodies no longer escape from ivory and ebony keys 
drifting out an open window on a summer breeze 
what once was alive in the garden now dying and grey, 
for when the music stopped life withered away

Now there’s only traces of happier spring days
an intrepid red rose blooming, a trumpet vine untamed

From time to time, haunting random notes are heard 
wafting through the grounds with a hesitant stammer 
as field mice gnaw away at dampened wool felt 
clinging to each decaying wooden hammer

Written for The Sunday Muse #150

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One thought on “The Piano

  1. very moving, creates a beautifully haunting feel, at once beautiful and lonely. I often wonder, in cases of abandoned property, who was the last person to leave this house, and did it and they know that no one would ever come back, that all would be left to the mice and time? If only its walls could talk…


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