The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – March 6

Jo Hawk


Friday’s dawn broke my restless slumber with an infernal throbbing and banging punctuated by icepick-induced stabbing pains indicative of a full-blown migraine. I longed to block jagged piercing sunbeams from my sensitive eyes, pull the covers over my head, and curl into a tiny insignificant ball of non-functioning human pain. But I have a finely honed sense of duty. People depend on me, and from experience, I realize if I let the migraine win, then by default, I lose. As a bona fide Type A personality, I’m a sore loser. It’s best not to poke that bear.

I struggled to stand upright, fumbled to make my morning pot of Joe, cranked the shower to hot, and ticked through my trusty list of pain management/mitigation tools. Just another day of business, as usual. Consulting my schedule, I pushed tasks requiring concentration and a clear head to the back-burner. Instead, I focused…

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