Sunset Control

Dragonfly Poetry

There’s something about 
where you stand
against a setting sun
when you watch it set.
These last 15 minutes
are the most important
the colors deepen
crawl across our skin
a professional highlight
applied by the Gods.
Sunset Control.
The sky is on fire
getting all stretched distorted
the clouds bleed
here on the coastal bluff
I guess we’re the lucky ones
always the last to see her
say her dramatic goodbye.
Even on this winter night
her rays try and warm us
everyone stops and gathers
to watch the orb drop.
Only these last few minutes
is it safe to stare
it’s not so dangerous anymore.
We remove our sunglasses
and sink into each other.
Shadows draw on the ground
like long crawling fingers.
I can only imagine
how pretty we must look
from that crisp horizon.
With every ounce in her
the sky reflects one last show,

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