First Aid Tips Part 1

Be Inspired..!!

Emergency situations you may be faced with and how to identify them to prevent complications :

  1. It’s as Asthma emergency when
    – Symptoms worsen quickly
    – Little or no relief from an inhaler
    – Severe shortness of breath
    – The person is unable to speak normally
    – Lips, face, earlobe or fingernails have turned blue
    – Loss of consciousness
  2. Treating Burns
    – Do not apply lotions, ointments, fat or ice to a burn
    – Do not touch the injured areas or pop any blisters.
    – Do not remove anything sticking to a burn.
  3. Recognise a Stroke : Act Fast
    – F – Has their FACE dropped?
    – A – Can they lift both ARMS?
    – S – Is their SPEECH slurred? Do they understand you?
    – T – TIME is critical. Call for help.
  4. High Blood Sugar Signs
    – Excessive thirst
    – Tiredness
    – Blurred vision
    – Hot dry skin

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