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Get ready to maximise your potential, maximise your living with empress2inspire’s new posts series “Daily Dose of Living”. These series will bring you the best in personal development and productivity every day of the week. Your best life awaits.

In today’s post we will continue to talk about how to change or build your career. Sorry for bursting your bubble but great careers are only for the rare and valuable. So do you have it in you? Think of what makes a great career:

  • good pay
  • room to grow
  • freedom and control
  • positive impact
  • emotionally rewarding

Jobs like this are rare and valuable. A great career isn’t something you find — it’s something you earn when you’ve got rare and valuable skills to offer in return. In other words, you can only earn a great career by building your expertise and experience.

Come back tomorrow for solutions on trying to build or change a career.

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