You and I….


You and I….

You and I,

I want us to be in the city of lights.

I want us to drink coffee in the early morning and

we would roam the city till noon.

We would drink the Paris wine at lunch and discuss the poetry and the art.

We would find the ancient city secret places and buy some sweets

till the late afternoon.

We would drink Hemingway’s whiskey at dusk and

I would give you long and sweet kisses,

holding you close and I would tell you.

You are my everything, you are my kindest and safest place.

We would dance in the center of Paris.

I would be your Hemingway and you would be my Agnes.

I would reverse the Hemingway curse and

I would never release you.

Please my dearest love,

come with me to he city of lights.

Let’s fall in love again and again.

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Can you catch a falling leaf??


 Can you catch a falling leaf?…..

The days of October are here and I did the greatest sin. I returned to a place of magic trying to find the scent of yesterday. Time had passed, the young man became older and he wanted to taste a memory. He sat in downtown Ann Arbor and he wrote into his journal.

“Can you catch a falling leaf? Can we return where we knew the folly of first kiss, bearing heart and soul without caring about the consequences? I love you dear Julie, I love you lovely Julie. I remember you, do you remember me?”

He called a woman yesterday. 30 years ago, he left her sleeping alone with tears in her warm bed to fight wars that could not be won. She allowed him to leave, giving him the mercy of a silence goodbye and she knew he would not return the…

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Lovely Ayla Nereo song and a poem.


Swirl me in your mind….

I remember tracing your body with my fingers, I remember you whispering to me. Johnnie, Johnnie. Are we just whispering love words in the wind, just sharing secret kisses in the midnight hours. You loved the two hour massage and the song of Leonard Cohen. You were my Winter California storm and  I was the quiet lake. I kissed your knees and I told you.. We are just furious souls seeking something beautiful in our messy world.

 You loved San Francisco. We would drive highway one from Monterey to the city that never fall asleep. We stopped at every ocean exit and we danced. You would ask me. Please Johnnie, Johnnie. Swirl me one more time. Don’t stop spinning me. Someday we will need these days. In San Francisco, after the taverns closed. We danced at the pier for the Pacific, danced for the stars…

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Those Doe Eyes

Confab With Me

Just how the white canvas dazzle in the morning sun, let those doe eyes brighten every soul that it touches today

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The We Of We – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Photo: – an Echidna

“Hell is truth seen too late.” Thomas Hobbes

The We Of We

I want to tell you that I
love the echidna and the kangaroo,
I love them for them and not for
their objective value or their two
dimensional post card symbolism,
I and they are the we of we,
of life and blood, of oxygen and
spirit, if it were not so I would not 
be here writing this paean.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

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