Truth is…

Writing With An Open Heart

Truth is you’ll always miss them,
You’ll miss your loved ones as soon as they pass away.

It’s not something that will go away on it’s own,
And it’s definitely not something to overcome.

It’s something we slowly get used to,
Because without their love and presence,
Nothing will ever be the same again,

You’ll miss them when you have something special to tell them,
And realize they’re not here anymore.

You’ll miss them when you see a car exactly like theirs,
And you accidentally wave because you’re used to it.

You’ll miss them as soon as you walk through that front door,
And accidentally greet them.
Or when you accidentally ask a question,
And wonder if you’ll ever get answers from them.

You’ll miss them during the holidays,
On birthdays,
Or during any milestone.

You’ll miss them during tough times,
When you’re hurt and confused.
Also, when you realize…

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