Things Within Things

Source of Inspiration

We are fascinated by toys
which unfold into other toys,
tadpoles morphing into frogs,
tiny seeds growing into huge trees.
It is as if a magic force within is
activated by some signal and that which
is activated, which is hidden emerges
into a seemingly different object. Indeed,
does any part of a caterpillar remain within the butterfly?

Each of us has a potential within waiting
for the signal to transform. But what is
this signal? How do we begin? We read books,
attend seminars, stack degrees upon degrees
and look to others for the answers.

Is a tree a tree when it is only a seed?
What is it inside that little seed that
causes the transformation? Is it the
dirt where we plant it, the raindrops that
water it? Or is there some force of life so
divine, so powerful within the seed that one
only needs to…

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