Solid Ground

Heartstring Eulogies

“Oh, but darling, my feet know
where to take me. Back in your arms.
Right where I’m supposed to be.”

This is the point where I take a step back. Assess the situation from every angle, every point of view. This is where my mind goes when it’s running like a merry-go-round on overdrive. This is where my heart stalls in the middle of its pitter-patter beat. Where my eyes begin to fill with rain — enough to fill an ocean of salty tears. Where my knees begin to give out and I come crashing down to the ground. Back to reality. A reality I don’t want to know. One that is filled with monsters and ghosts, and their only purpose is to haunt me from the shadows. And I can feel them watching me, like ants crawling over my skin. This is the point where I stop and remind…

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