Shut it out!

Lucy's corner

Sometimes you feel so many things at the same time, and you can’t even explain, no words can describe, but you know you’re in a foul mood. You’re anxious about tomorrow, don’t know the next step to take or which direction to turn, and you’re trying to keep up with the competition and demands of society and family pressures.

At times like this, you obviously won’t make the best decisions, and would end up pissing people off. I get this feeling alot and most times I end up regretting my actions/ decisions afterwards.

So… What do I do when I start feeling this way?.

I shut it out, that anger, that negative voice in my head, the anxiety etc. I tell myself it’s gonna pass, I try not to be in the mids of people, and if I do find myself with people, I keep to myself, making sure I…

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