I Miss…

Writing With An Open Heart

I miss hanging out on your porch in the sun,
And watching the world change colors with the sunset,
Right beneath us.

I miss watching your silhouette rushing to greet us,
As we park in your driveway.

I miss watching the clouds morph into angels,
And chase each other with the wind,
While we tried to guess what they meant.

I miss watching Spring take over,
And the flowers blooming around your house.

I bet nature misses you this year,
It has always surrounded your house from day one.

I bet it misses our laughs, your presence,
And all the memories we would’ve made.
As much I miss your strength, wisdom,
The sound of your voice,
And your beautiful eyes.

Even though nature senses that you’re gone this year,
Your presence will always be engraved in everything you’ve ever touched,
And loved.


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