The dream surfer…..


 The dream surfer…

In the prettiest dreams, in the most beautiful places and the sweetest days. The dream surfer can find and again know. Once upon a midnight dream, my yearning heart sought the kindest voices, the safest memories and the sweetest kisses.

I dreamed a dream, a wonderful dream. I was dancing with a blessing near the Big water, Lake Gichigami. I whispered to her, dear Lexi, dear seer, my dearest dreamer, my Michigan solstice. I am lost.

Dearest Lexi told me, “Dearest Johnnie. Please swirl me one more time my beloved, near the Lake Huron, allow us to feel the Lake St. Clair gentle wind upon our skin, allow the sun to sun kiss our faces and our feet to feel the chill of the Spring water. Life is more than us. In sweet dreams, we can remember yesterday, we can know the present and seek the future. We…

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You are my Spring time…


You are my Spring time….

(Johnnie need a warm day. So I will write a Spring poem.)

Cold days and colder nights,

heavy clothing burden,

I shall forget.

You stand in the April sun,

showing me,

tender shoulders blessed by the sun and your beautiful face.

I tell you.

You are my morning sun,

my endearing Venus.

You make my heart warm and know the safety of love charity.

Dancing Coyote

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The wild rose…..


The wild rose….

Auburn hair beauty wrapped her arms around me. She whispered to me. “My soldier seeking death, do you have time for a dance? I am lonely and I like to swim in your misery.”

Soldier turned to see the Texas beauty and he told her. My honor to dance with the wild rose of Belton. You are a blessing to my eyes and to my heart. You are more beautiful than the last time we met.

She laughed at my words and she kissed my neck and face. She asked. “You speak in riddles. Do you tavern poets always talk in wish and tale? Pretending to need love and you shall fear my face in the morning light.”

The old soldier smiled and he brought her closer and he whispered. My Texas rose. I never ran from you and the whiskey make me remember you. You taste…

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