Saturday Symphony # 23 – Addiction

Keep it alive

Jude is the host of Saturday Symphony


We have all been addicted to something,

In some shape or form,
The synonyms for addiction range from dependency, to craving, to habit, to infatuation and compulsion.

This month of March, share a story about addiction at its worst,

And then counter it with a tale of a passion that has saved you or someone you know.


Addiction to somethingdoesn’t bode well for your welfare

Be it love or fame, praise or perfection

Moderation is the key to regulatebehavior

When you are looking for validation from outside

It takes a lot from you emotionally and causes agony

Dependency upon something not in your control

Can destroy the peace of mind and leave you asunder

Not all addictions destroy, some can save too

Addiction to routine, to regulated physical exertion

An attachment to looking after…

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