Falling Away (collab with audio)

Secret Thoughts Within

Original Image found here on Pinterest

I would have caught but you fell away instead
I am unsure why, I thought
My words were complete and clear that I was on your side
I wanted to be a safe placefor you to confide
For you to live life free.
Perhaps that scared you. Perhaps it was too much.
Perhaps you didn’t want to be safe.
I would have welcomed your rawness.
I would have endured yourmoods.

I wished to stand by your side
and for you,
would have happily indulged in a fight
I wished to let you know you are the place for me to reside, but
I also have my life and I know when I cease to be required.

I hope one day you allow yourself to be seen completely.
I am someone to hold onto
I will hold on forever
But you chose
to fall away

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