Emotional Abuse Part 1

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Emotional abuse does not always lead to physical violence, however almost all physical or social violence does include emotional abuse. It is powerful tool used by one person to maintain a feeling of power and control over another person.

This type of abuse is intended to install negative feelings such as shame, embarrassment, guilt and fear. It can include belittling or humiliating a partner in public or in private, isolation, name-calling, making a partner feel ashamed, controlling the money, criticism, threats to harm the partner/children/pets, and the silent treatment.

Emotional abuse is often hard to recognise. The victim may not even realise it is happening because the abuse is often disguised as “love” or a way of “teaching them to be a better person”. This can make it difficult to take steps to stop the abuse. Thee longer emotional abuse continues, the more harmful it can be.

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