Whats(In) The Picture?


Whats(In) The Picture? By ChrisBreeBaart.com

Raindrops On My Window Paynes

I am sitting in my favorite chair, near the window, wrapped in a quilt. Absentmindedly I observe the raindrops randomly landing on my window payne. Looking past the drops landing and streaming down the glass I see a tree made of sticks.

In my minds eye I remember the yellows, reds, and oranges that decorated these branches a short time ago. The tree makes me think of a rickety old person chilled to the core and drenched in cold rain.

As I sit quietly meditating or perhaps day dreaming I picture how this tree will look in a few short, months(seems longer) I picture the sun streaming through the bare branches.

I can see nubs of bright spring green beginning to push though the tree bark. It won’t be long now leaves will cover every inch of the branches…

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