The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – March 2

Jo Hawk


Manic Monday or not, March Magic keeps lending me a hand. Yesterday fortune smiled on me, and I spent another hour furiously scribbling notes with my characters. I am accumulating a large pile of pages, but everything feels disjointed and unconnected. Nothing bears any resemblance to a cohesive story with predictable plot points, rising action, or any other convention you expect to find in a novel. Don’t get me started on where to begin or how to finish this monster. Right now, it is a big globby mess of a megadeath middle. Their accounts of the events have me mesmerized, but it is the world’s largest pile of tangled-up twine.

The fundamental problem is I dived into the deep end of the tale. Everyone is talking at once. Someone is always interrupting a line of thought to lead me down another twisting path, a dead-end street, and countless irrational tangents…

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