Practising Non Judgementalness

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Leaving out comparison, judgements, and assumptions :

  • Practice observing judgemental thoughts and statements, saying in your mind, “A judgmental thought arose in my mind.”
  • Count judgemental thoughts and statements (by moving objects or pieces of paper from one pocket to another, by clicking a sports counter, or by marking a piece of paper).
  • Replace judgemental thoughts and statements with nonjudgmental thoughts and statements.
    – Tips for replacing judgement by stating the facts
    1. Describe the facts of the event or situation, only what is observed with your senses.
    2. Describe the consequences of the event. Keep to the facts.
    3. Describe your own feelings in response to the facts (remember, emotions are not judgements).
  • Observe your judgemental facial expressions, postures, and voice tones (including voice tones in your head).
  • Change judgemental expressions, postures, and voice tones.
  • Tell someone what you did today non judgementally, or about an event that occurred…

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