Foodie wisdom


Ever since I moved to this middle of nowhere part of the country that I now call home – I’ve had to detox from my previous citylife and endless possibilities of food to order in.

Here, in this godforsaken (although, there’s more churches than bars here, tbh, so how godforsaken can it be..?) the choices are meagre. Or well, non-existent to be more precise. The app that I order food from offers me a grand total of 4 restaurants to pick from. Two of which charge the price of a decent meal to actually come deliver the food (which makes them non-optional) and two of which are pretty much the exact same restaurant, just a different name (and owner, I presume).

That, my friends, is pretty much hell to someone as unaddicted to cooking, and addicted to ordering food as moi. But I manage.


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