Don’t Go Chasin Coyotes

Unique Times

Don’t go chasin coyotes cuz you definitely won’t win

In my mind and leap years I’m 16, but if I do the math I grin

Narly teeth and snarls, you might shoo them away

But get an achy back with scrapes and scratches so I best not play

In the end you’ll only end up with a few bruises and lacerations

So best to keep my day job, less gray hair, and take a staycation

Copyright © Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved

Well, don’t don’t chasin coyotes unless your John Coyote aka Johnathan Caswell his reblogging site 🤣
He is a master story teller, poet, rebloger supporting all of our work.

The weekend didn’t let up with another coyote at our window and one at our hot tub withing 5 feet of us. Hunter was with us on a leash and we quickly brought him in and went after it…

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