The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – March 1

Jo Hawk


Yesterday was another magical day. After conquering my Must-Do List for the weekend, I sequestered myself in my office, posted my Do Not Disturb sign, pulled out napkins, receipts, stray scraps of paper, the notes on my phone, and began my work. The story’s timeline filtered through first. Last week, a central figure divulged a shocking backstory that illuminated his motivations and created a natural tension with my principal character. This stage of the game is a handwriting marathon. I used bright yellow oversized pieces of paper and scribbling as quickly as possible.

A set of family trees are emerging, along with rough maps, floor plans, scheming plots, and treacherous conspiracies. Follow-up questions are circled and highlighted, arrows and asterisk populate the pages. When I reached the end of one sheet, I often forgot to include the oh so helpful page numbers on subsequent pages. I noticed I was having…

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