Sticky Scene Tips

Steps In Between

Writing is an ebb and flow of energy-boosted ideas. Sometimes the flow is in rhythm with ideas and the writer can pour their thoughts onto the page with inspired ease. Other times, even if the energy level is low, the ideas can still be strong enough to keep the writer going, regardless of exhaustion or depletion. These times tend to lend themselves to three-in-the-morning explorations and other odd behaviors but still, writing happens.

It’s the ebbs that cause worry. Those times when writing ideas trickle to a stop. I suppose this could be considered a time of writer’s block, but what if it’s just the complication of getting through a sticky scene? What if the motivated writer has energy and ideas galore, yet everything written glares back with evil red eyes, uncooperative, and confusing on the page?

I call this sticky scene writing! And I am experiencing it RIGHT…

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