Goodbye Cruel Winter, Welcome Warm Spring – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Winter’s end is coming. My countdown calendar says we are a mere twenty days from the first day of spring. Tomorrow we flip the page to March 1. Monday morning, dawn to a bright day loaded with possibilities, the beginning of a week filled with promise, and a month dedicated to starting anew. March always feels like a breath of fresh air and hope. But throwing away old, tired and broken patterns is often easier said than done. Peer pressure is real, established habits are hard to break, and slippery slopes catch us unawares. We fear the unknown and approach change with caution.

If you have abandoned your New Year’s Resolutions, gotten caught in the sensational worries of the daily headlines, or fallen into the trap of thinking you are not worthy, remember each morning offers you another chance. Wait for your future to unfold before you write your story…

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