Take Care of Things that Grow (Villanelle)

Secret Thoughts Within

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Take care of things that grow
And take pleasure in the wild;
Love can make things glow.

Change unfolds gradually, as most know
With time, small advances are compiled;
Take care of things that grow.

In the moments that bring you woe,
Like the loud tantrums of a child,
Love can make things glow.

You may experience many a heavy blow,
but not one life should not be exiled;
Take care of things that grow.

It takes extra courage to go with the flow,
Have patience, all will be reconciled;
Love can make things glow.

Anytime you’re feeling low,
Take a step out into the wild,
Take care of things that grow;
Love can make things glow.

Villanelle: A poetry form with five tercets and an ending quatrain. There are 19 lines with a rhyming scheme of A1BA2 ABA1 ABA2 ABA1 ABA2 ABA1A2

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The Last Post?

DO NOT!! PLEASE DO NOT MISS Sue Vincent’s Good-Bye in her heartfelt and moving post – THE LAST POST! Please Keep our Dear Friend Sue in your thoughts and prayers each day as she approaches Her finish line. Please Let Sue how much she has meant to you!!! Sue has been an inspiration to so many thousands, including me by inspiring several pieces I have written! We Love You Sue!!

Sunday Poser # 17

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Welcome to week # 17 of Sunday Poser

Some say friends are more important than family.

My question today is;

Do you find it easy to make new friends?

I have a few school friends and some from my adult life. I am lucky that I kept in touch with my friends and we are pretty close. My relationship with my school friends is just like the one I have with my siblings.

But making new friends at this age is difficult. I have casual Acquaintances from recent years but not close friendships. I can talk to strangers because I’ve overcome my inherent shyness and can spend time pleasantly, but till now I haven’t formed any lasting friendships since I’ve turned 50.

The only exception is the blogging world. In the last 2 1/2 years, I’ve made a lot of friends here. Though I haven’t met any of you, I…

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Friday Fun – Ambiance

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Kate is the host of Friday Fun

ambianceoratmosphere can cover many things
it challenges our creativity to set the mood

get creative and share your version of ambiance
with your photos or creative writing


I feel that the ambiance plays a key role in creativity. If there are a lot of people around me or lots of noise, I feel unable to think or write anything worthwhile. I can write anywhere but I need peace to do so.

But my thinking of fresh ideas happens in an different ambiance. I get fresh ideas while walking, reading, or even watching something on the television. Sometimes just before going to bed a very good idea will pop up in my brain. If I don’t write it down, it will evaporate by the time I get up.

I think every person who is creative or expresses themselves in some way…

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What do you see # 70 – A Roundup

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A sense of uneasy and dread filled her heart

As she looked around and thought everyone looked better

Then herhomelyand simple appearance

They looked decked up in glitter and glamour

She felt plain and ordinary in comparison

Her unease evaporated when a kind soul

Complimented her on the grace of her simple ensemble

The spark of confidence that we all need is hidden inside of us all

It can be ignited by a simple word or a gesture of praise


A wonderful response this week again from our blogging community. Please click on the links to read their contributions.

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Fandango; The sinkhole

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Lauren; What do you see…

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She’s crazy…


 She’s crazy…

I was like my father I believed. I liked the whiskey and the gin. And I loved the women too. I believe I was a rolling stone who wanted the long highway and the new places. Home, was the place where I laid my head and closed my eyes.

I landed at Fort Hood, Texas. I left California in Winter of 1993 without any regret. California had the sea and she was too damn peaceful for me. I was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas now. Me and highway 35 became good friends. I fell in love with Austin, Texas. 50 taverns and dancehalls on fifth street. I befriended the bartenders with large tips and I loved the long legged Texas girls.

On a New Year eve night In Austin, Texas in 1993. I sat alone drinking the Long Island ice teas and watching the people enjoying the night…

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Please show me the way to love…


Please show me the way to love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"A re-write, written first in 1979."

Please show me the way to love

I found her sitting alone on a Friday night,
sipping a rum and coke.
I requested to sit with her.
She gave a half-smile and told me,
“the Seat is empty. I ain’t much company tonight.”

I sat with a sad blue eye beauty. She was sitting alone at the Germany guesthouse,
her long blond hair flowing down her back.
she was leaning into a rum and coke like it was her last chance.

I bought her another drink and
I asked for her tale.
She smiled and whispered.
“Same old tale. Fell in love, love was good, then somehow the love
evaporated into the wind and nothing was left.”

We went to the quiet lake near the guesthouse and sat together on the ground.

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