The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – February 27

Jo Hawk


Yesterday magic happened. I finished my work in record time, my Pandora’s box of unwanted emails remained silent, my phone did not ring, and silence spread with the warm sunshine. A dozen long overdue tasks mysteriously migrated to the Ta-Done tab. A pair of Mourning Doves found a snowless patch of ground in my garden for sunbathing, my muse whispered in my ear, and I wrote. Then I sat and indulged in a brainstorming session for my new project.

Last weekend a failed water fitting behind the refrigerator derailed my intention for a full two-day writing extravaganza. The required cleanup consumed my energy and left me discouraged and a little sad. Hope rises when we least expect it, and yesterday added fuel to the thought of resurrecting my plan. My calendar holds a handful of commitments blocked into my weekend schedule that I cannot change. But I am determined to…

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