Please kiss me and tell me I am the only one.

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  Please kiss me and tell me I am the only one…

She had waited a thousand days for him. War and confusion had made their love wait.  They shared a 100 letters. Each letter adding to a bond that could not be broken. She dreamed about a timeless love that would expand and multiply. She prayed he had not forgotten her.

He dreamed of a kind woman, she kept him safe and sound. He remembered the auburn hair beauty and her tender kiss. Kisses so sweet, stole his fear of heartbreak away and the warmth of her kisses made him dream and come alive again.

He wrote to her.
Dear Julie….
I will be home soon. All I do is think of you. I need to see your beautiful face and hold you close. This time my love. I won’t release you. I hope you still need me. You…

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