After all these years

READ THIS!!! If you read nothing else today – Read This masterpiece from Alyazya!!! Kleenex at the ready is suggested!


I worked to give us a life
better than our parents.
I never thought I’d
lose you in the process.

“Eternal Torment” (1939), Abdullah Muharraqi, Sharjah Arts Museum

I was hanging by a tearing thread,
thinking I’m alone,
never letting you in
or close enough to break my fall.

Sorry, I couldn’t give you all of me,
I was trying to build you a home.
Blinded by ambition,
I couldn’t see that it was in you.

I spent years regretting the minutes I gave away
and growing old without your warmth.
I was too young and proud
to come back into your life,
but I’m old enough to know now
that pride won’t keep me warm at night.

Tell me, is it too late to come back
with flowers and a wishful heart?
Will you recognize me with all the lines
time drew around my longing eyes?

Will you welcome…

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