Raw Earth Ink

Lonely is an open wound
It never bleeds, never gets infected
And on its own never heals
It’s an invisible hole in your chest
Exposing your heart to the worlds arctic air

Cold burns your heart so you wear protection
Headphones at the store
Phone screens at parties
Longer routes to avoid co-workers
Read text messages with no response
Excuses are the armor for the lonely
A thousand reasons to be at home instead

Dreams of friendship at a dinner for one
Nightmares of someone seeing your bloodless wound
Tormenting you back to the shadows
Back to a cozy couch, a blanket, and Netflix
And the hole remains open
The armor stretches but can never quite cover it

Every business is selling bandages
Entertainment to distract you
Substances to numb you
Food to consume you
But none of them can stitch you whole again

Loneliness only heals by the warmth…

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