Low Times

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Secret Thoughts Within

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I know I took you for granted,
there was no looking back when I left.
Time always changes how we see things
and I know I didn’t see you properly.
You gave it all and then some,
transforming me into your hero– 
I was always counting the minutes
until I let you down.

I think about you sometimes
I’m curious–
who gets to hear you cheer for them now?
During my low times,
I wonder who you’re smiling at now.

I’m no longer the guy you ask for help,
those moments are in the past.
I no longer hear you tell me
how great you think I am.
Even though you brought out the best in me
I was never the man you thought I was–
I was always counting the minutes
until I let you down.

I think about you sometimes
I’m curious–

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I am no-one and you are everything


I’m no-one and you are everything

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"When we love someone more than our-self. We have known real love."       

                I’m no-one. You are everything….

Old wise men know. The farewells are dreaded and the hellos are always sweet.
I remember the nights in Tubingen, Germany roaming with her.
We roamed the old city. Hand in hand.
She gave me everything knowing I had nothing left to give.

Beautiful Brigitte laid with me in a bed of nails,
knowing I was drowning in bad memories and seeking new dreams.
She taught me what true love is.
When you realize. “You are no-one and your love is everything.”

Old men know. Words are meaningless.
Love words and words of hate can be forgotten with time and separation.
I believe real proof of love is 50 years of living together.
Surviving the good and bad day.


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My lady, written in 1982.


(Bazel, Switzerland 1978)

My lady….

My lady,
I still cry out in sweet dreams your name.

So long since our lips had touched.
I still wish upon a star,
to be able to look into your eyes.

I wish to awake with your body near.
To put my face into your long blond hair.
Be intoxicated by my love for you.

I wish to hold your tender hands on a walk by the lake.
Two young titans with love as our shield.

My lady of joy and happiness.
Allow me to remember you sweetly.
For only in your arms did I feel complete.

Salvation I cannot find.
The knife of disappointment is cutting away my tenderness.
Your love is the only loss I can’t get over.

My lady,
dressed in white.
Your long blond hair flowing in in the gentle breeze.
I dreamed you were whispering.
“I will only love…

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She was a diamond…


She was a diamond

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"We need to be thankful when we hold something precious in our hands."

She was a  Diamond…

                               20 Nov. 1994 written.

The drunk man toasted to better days.
We touched shot glasses and
I asked him.
Did he ever see a woman who shone like a diamond?
So bright  with hope and love.
She can bring you out of this hell?
My drunk friend just turned away.

I wandered to a safe and quiet corner.
I remembered her blue eyes.
Clear as a mountain stream.
Her flowing auburn hair,
her beautiful smile that still can bring a smile back to me.

She was a baby in living and
I was soil with hate and disappointment.
Today I wonder why she came to me?

In a dark corner of a dancing Bar in Austin, Texas.
She came to me with a sweet…

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Longing, belonging and our secrets…


 Longing, belonging and our secrets

Lover, lover, lover. Once we loved the long nights, once the wine tasted sweeter.
Now our longing, belonging and our secrets, are bloody finger prints on a over-painted wall.

I told you once, you were my life, my will, to live for.

Now we make love like strangers, our kisses less warm, our laughter deleted.
Now our longing dispersed in the storm of living, the belonging of love, bled-out and never to be awaken.

Our secrets words spoken in the midnight hours, became just myth and tale in the hidden words in my poetry.
We kissed goodbye on a rainy Spring day and I took my books with me. I left you my smiles, my laughter, my heart.

Now old poet sing to the Spring moon, “where does love go? why do we destroy the sweetest day, the kindest nights? Our we destine to know…

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