I Won’t Lose Myself/ Journal of Expressive Writing

Crow On The Wire

By Mark Tulin — Despite everything, I’m still here. I know because I can hear my breath, feel my pulse, see with human eyes. I know I am
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This is a wonderful site to explore emotions/wild writing/expressive writing/stream of consciousness.

Despite this, I still sing when a Beatles’ song comes on, even after they broke up

I dance with the Grateful Dead, despite Jerry Garcia being long gone

I color my imagination with pastels and dark reds, and bitter blues

I admire the soft-spoken, cringe at the loud, undecided about the overly friendly

I watch a boat leave the harbor and a shark returns with half a fin

I stand on dry land, remember my wedding day, and a moment of peace far off somewhere

I take a moment, several moments of cleansing breaths and making sure my ears are clean…

_Mark Tulin

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