How to Rebuild Trust in a Relationship Part 1

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As the old adage goes, trust is the foundation of every relationship, but thattrust can, unfortunately, be broken. Often that’s due to infidelity, and other times it’s a result of one partner doing something that betrays the other partner’s sense of safety and confidence. Trust can also be broken when any kind of expectation in a relationship isn’t met. This often becomes the case because these expectations unfortunately are not always communicated with the other person, and as a result, lines get crossed. Whatever the cause of this compromised sense of confidence in the relationship may be, hope is not lost. You can rebuild trust in a relationship, but doing so does require work from both parties involved.

  • Come Clean – Have a conversation with your partner where you tell the full story of the affair. Promise complete honesty now and in the future. Commit to no more secrets. Get…

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