Kim V. Poetry

You keep breaking my heart
Because I let you.

For a crumb of your time,
I let you win.

For a touch of your skin,
I die.

For a moment with you,
I forget about everyone else.

And then you break my heart,
Every time.

It hurts, worse than regular pain.
It hurts, deep in my soul.
Because I know that you could
Never be fully mine.
You’d never let that be.

So I cried.
Cried into my pillow and filled
It with salty tears and pain.

I cried until there were no tears,
Left, then I cried some more.

I cried because I let you break me.

But this time, you’ve left me with no heart to break.

This time, you can’t plead with
Me to stay.

I gave you my loyalty and my love
And you used it and squandered

You no longer deserve it.

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