Summer Is Almost Here Written By Nichole Sulpizio💋


This thought just came to me literally 5 minutes ago while I looked at the beautiful sunshine this morning…writing it here first ..😊
A pretty moments thought brought me to this!

Summer is almost here

Waves crashing
Your beer in hand
While we walk together in the soft sea sand
Summer songs 🎵
All night long
Under the pale moonlight
Kissing under the stars
Losing ourselves
Finding out just who we are
We sing and sway
To the very beat of our bodies
In unison
Waking to the early morning dew
Sipping our black coffee
Baby, I am ready for this
With you
Summer is almost here 💋

Copyright © 2021 Nichole Sulpizio
All Rights Reserved

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Bits of things that pop into this mind.

I’ve told the inside of me,

it’s time to take a different path.

These feeling are fighting me hard.

Making everything inside me hurt so badly.

Crying doesn’t help with anything.

Forgetting doesn’t seem to be a possibility.

Accepting what is and letting it pass

is taking its sweet time on me.

Can’t help but wonder,

what’s waiting on the other side of this nothingness.

The waiting is shrinking what’s left,

Inside Me“.

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