The Domino Effect of the Texas Winter Storm

Penny Wilson Writes

I'm sure that by now most of you have heard about the crisis that Texas has gone through recently. I have been incredibly blessed during this terrible time. My power was only out for a few hours and I was without internet for a couple of days. But overall, I have been safe and warm. I have plenty of clean drinking water. This has not been the case for millions of people within the state. First, we were hit with snow and temperatures unlike anything we are normally used to. The state got between 2 and 11 inches of snow. With snow on the ground, temperatures plunged to well below freezing. This terrible cold then started a domino effect of disastrous events. The Texas power grid, unprepared for the extreme temperatures, had 40% of their operation go down. This caused power outages statewide. No power meant no heat. No heat…

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