What do you see # 69 – A Roundup

Keep it alive


She put down the phone and stared into space for a few moments. It was her best friend. She was canceling their planned trip to Paris, as something had come up at work and she wanted Kathy to postpone the trip.

Kathy didn’t want to put off this trip which had been her dream for so long. Now all the planning and time would go to waste. And she wasn’t even sure that the total amount for the hotel bookings would be refunded.

She made a snap decision. She would go on her own.

She never regretted her step. It was here she met George and they fell in love under the golden lit Eiffel Tower.


My heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful people who participated in this week’s prompt. An iconic image, Eiffelis romanticized as a symbol of love.

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