A miracle…


A miracle

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Just words."           

                     A miracle

Pale skin, hazel eyes, I adore. Eloquence words we shared.
You confessed small secrets to me and I confessed some of my secrets to you.
I savored your words, we longed and we learned.
To be merciful, generous. You were my miracle, I told you often.
We are lovers, not biologist seeking the unknown.
I gazed at your face and I told you.
Words are meaningless, love need a million kisses, love need laughter and tears.

                   Dancing Coyote

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Let’s remember us…


Let’s remember us


Love forgotten, love dead, who was wrong? Who was right? Once we had long nights, once we made the mornings last till late afternoon. Did I forget my dear love? Or you? Can graveyard love, be rebirth?


Seem like a thousand years ago, we were babies in love. We wanted to taste sweet kisses and to never release lips, arms and body. You were my pretty wishes and sweetest dream. We had enough, once. Now we are running in circles and I see the falling bridges. Can love be saved? Or have the falling bridge, stole the need of love kiss and touch?

I have found the Hemingway place. I want little and I have no wishes left. Who can save me? Can I be save? I want to run away and I don’t know my place to go. Once brave man became leftover…

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Walt's Writings


they had grown together
closer… intertwined
like branches of trees

they lived
for each other
because of each other

through all kinds of weather
rain, snow,
heat, cold

every day brought them

their love
made them

their branches
grew strong
and tough

if she
grew weak
he gave her strength

they were inseparable
because of what
they shared

Their Branches

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2021 All Rights Reserved

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