Lovers consuming Love

My Inspired Life

A fiery connection
sparked by a cosmic flame
igniting an attraction
guiding its own fate ~
lovers pulsating in a current of love ordained
lovers oblivious to a manufactured date of love manmade

A thump-thump
distinctly two now one
a harmonious duet
echoing into the infinite ~
travelers who shared a candle in the dark, who now blaze like the sun
travelers who transcend time and space, sparking stars, soon born

A love exchanging
energy with the stars

cannot be duplicated

on a folded paper card ~
entwined souls who dance under the Milky Way and play with carefree abandon

entwined souls who passionately caress and gently protect with an untamed devotion

a Love like this will not to be found
frantically searching down
a picked-through Valentine’s aisle.

a Love like this thrives in a divine dimension,
where love is its daily and driving existence.



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