The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – February 19

Jo Hawk


Another day of falling snow, work demands, impossible projects, and a dream of uncomplicated days. It never fails. When I have a fabulous idea, and the urge to write, the universe conspires to thwart my plans, test my resolve, and ensure another night with little sleep. The road is long, winter is cold, nights are dark, and the household finally finds their slumber. I brew my coffee, cue my playlist, and hope my muse’s voice gently guides my sluggish fingers in their attempt to capture the story bubbling in my brain.

Minutes pass as I stare at the screen, unsure of how to start. The lyrics feed me interesting words and suggestive lines as I search for the path. Brambles and undergrowth impede my progress, and I face them with a set of pruning shears. Good thing I write fantasy so I can create the magical words I need to…

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