The F*ckery Continues

Come learn What it’s like without power in Texas – I’m in the Same Boat with Christina in the Austin Metro Area!


I am doing my level best to keep my sh*t together.

The New Year did not kick off well…read that post here. Then Texas got hit with a snowstorm. Common for many parts of the world, not in the south. We don’t have the infrastructures, resources, or safety plans (on paper we do, in actuality, not at all) in place to accommodate a snowstorm. Great big chunks of Austin’s power went down because some d*ckhead (or several d*ckheads) did not know how to properly conduct controlled, rolling blackouts. I was without power in freezing temperatures with my 8-year old for nearly 40 hours. Several homes had full power with no complaints. I sat in my house with my child, candles and flashlights, bundled up in triple layers under blankets, and did the best I could to remain positive while heating bread over my gas stove to make toast and…

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