The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – February 17

Jo Hawk


Yesterday, the storm dumped another 8 inches of snow in my neighborhood, based on the report from O’Hare Airport. This morning I could not determine an exact measurement. Last night, a Demon North Wind blew. He rattled windowpanes, howled around corners, and pounded his fist on my walls. I didn’t sleep, and I didn’t let him inside. If I had known he was leaving me a present, I might have waved hello.

When I pile snow, I am strategic with my placement. I have lived on this property long enough to know the prevailing winter wind likes to deposit an enormous snowdrift across the middle of the drive. Past years have seen waist-deep drifts accumulated while leaving the brown grass exposed in the front yard. My plan was a simple snow-pile windbreak thrown three to four feet from the cement edge. My snow fence worked like magic, and chest-deep snow covered…

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