My world


With the heart who was taught only caring,

I see myself without you in pain.

Every breath you took was proof of my happiness existing.

I cried with every teardrop of yours that fell,

I miss you and it’s void within myself.

Insomnia hitting me so hard these days,

All I do is remember your sense.

Where did you go, is there any fence?

My creeping heart wants your voice to be awakened,

Those lullabies and 11 P.M bedtime is now gone in the trash.

My heart-searching in you ,

In everything that belonged to you once.

Smelling all your essence now for my long existence.

I don’t want you, I crave for you my world,

Every petal that I threw in your grave,

I now see in my yard that I would never eradicate.

-Riya Shah

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