Cinderella lies


Damn it.
One mustn’t be too hasty in ones rejoicing. One shouldn’t sell the skin before the bear’s been caught. One shouldn’t celebrate before the final word’s been spoken. And one should never assume that good things might actually happen during COVID-times. Apparently.

Because the curfew, after a speed-appeal and lightning courtcase was already reinstated after a mere couple of hours of felt respite and joy. I have to take back all my happiness from yesterdays blog. Already. Fuck. Back to the drawing board for all of us sad lonely cretins on the hunt for love in an era of digital lockdown. Fuck. No more outside world between 21:00 and 04:30 for us poor Dutch bastards. And no serious outlook on a brighter corona-free-future as of yet.

This. Ruins. Even. The. Best. Of. Moods.

So as a means of coping with the frustration – I’m gonna put down a…

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