Call Me Daisy

Charmed Chaos

I am but a tiny seed
Carried by unsettled wind
Until I find a resting place
In wayward stones and sand.

Desert sand is my companion
With a grainy texture so fine
Making it a perfect home
For an African Daisy to grow.

Every year with patience I wait
Yearning for the cold winter rains
To nurture my seed so it sprouts
For that’s when my glorious colors begin.

In vivid shades of orange and yellow
With an intricate pollen and black eye
I smile from my velvet heart center
At the warming sun in a a turquoise sky.

When this arid land starts to parch and sear,
My short life is ending as I droop and fade
So I drop my delicate children seeds
Who then await the chilly winter rains.

And come next spring’s season,
They carpet stones and sand
As if almighty God himself
Had painted this…

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